About Us


Logistec Gulf Coast LLC is a joint venture created in 2017 between Logistec USA Inc. and Gulf Coast Bulk Equipment, Inc. to provide bulk cargo handling services in the U.S. Southeast and Gulf region.

Logistec Gulf Coast LLC is proud to share with you its values.  We believe that our values drive our everyday interactions with customers, suppliers and employees and pushes us to be better at all times.


Our people are recognized for their operational excellence. Over the years, solid processes and continuous learning have allowed us to establish reliable supply chains for our customers and effective remediation solutions for the environment. Whatever the circumstances, our people have an uncanny ability to find solid solutions. We are definitely resilient!


Our people are imaginative thinkers—people who generate new and unique solutions—and have the courage to take action to put these solutions in place. They create environments in which others can take smart risks and experiment. They foster the creative ideas of others, using good instincts and agility to bring the right solutions to our customers.

Going Beyond

Our people are ready to go beyond and challenge the status quo. They strive to continuously push boundaries. They seek new ways to improve their operations and cost leadership. They go after new partnerships and business opportunities. We are naturally relentless!


Our people are fully accountable for our performance and are truly committed to long-term sustainable growth. By empowering our people, acting with integrity, setting clear goals and measuring our progress, we deliver innovative products and services to our customers and create value for our shareholders. Our sustainability strategy is based on a sound and balanced approach to environmental, social and economic performance designed to enhance our competitive position. We firmly believe that it is possible to be successful as well as responsible.